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White Coat Medical Staffing
Coordinate the Center customer flow (referral), admissions process including community
sales, referral management and admission sign-in, through post-admission utilizing the
Genesis Core Operating System (PCC).
In collaboration with the Director of Admissions, maximize center or cluster census,
implement an effective, streamlined admissions process on a 24-hour, 7-days per week
basis, ensure admission sign-in compliance and high level of customer satisfaction.
Reports through a dotted line relationship to the Regional Manager/Director, Sales and
Marketing to accomplish targeted QMix and Average Daily Census (ADC) goals. The
reporting relationship includes but is not limited to:
o Clarification of admission roles and responsibilities;
o Advice and direction relating to center admission performance improvement;
o Direction on participation in Team Sales;
o Development of sales, service and relationship management expertise;
o Guidance through monthly meetings to achieve business and personal professional
o Identification of opportunities for improvement to address admission barriers and
create improvement plans.
1. Document all inquiries in PCC.
2. Perform follow-up on all inquiries who have not yet converted to admissions.
3. Ensure immediate response to CareLine, phone, fax, and walk-in inquiries and
4. Attend daily meeting with department heads and Administrator to assess appropriate
5. Ensure comprehensive and accurate gathering and documentation of customer data
in PCC which will enhance placement and coordination within GHC.
6. May track performance statistics and submits weekly report to Senior Director of
Admissions or Regional Marketing Manager.
7. Conduct admissions counseling and tours with potential customers, families, and/or
responsible party.
8. Supports A Team with scheduling and admission packets.
9. Ensure proper completion, signing and distribution of paperwork in accordance with
Admission Sign-In policy and procedure.
10. Provide advance notification to department heads regarding appropriate preparation
and follow-up for admissions (both new admissions and re-admits).
11. Oversee assignment of attending physicians;
12. Assemble sales, admission and partner program packets.
13. Ensure that customer room is clean and prepared appropriately before arrival.
14. Meet with family and customer on day of admission to welcome them and introduce
to nursing staff on unit; follow-up with a visit at the close of day.
15. Participate as needed with two-week customer satisfaction survey.
16. Assure and participate in off-hours and weekend admissions back-up systems;
17. Monitor compliance with admission policies and procedures.
18. Concern his/herself with the safety of all center customers in order to minimize the
potential for fire and accidents. Also, ensures that the center adheres to the legal,
safety, health, fire and sanitation codes by being familiar with his/her role in
carrying out the centers fire, safety and disaster plans and by being familiar with
current MSDS.
19. Put Customer Service First: Ensure that customers and families receive the highest
quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the
individuals needs and rights.
20. Perform other duties as requested.
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